Sunday, 7 December 2008

Method Homes The Method Cabin

Method Homes The Method Cabin

Method Homes
offering a modern line of prefab green homes with a commitment to innovative design and sustainability. The company are currently offering two series of homes, the Cabin Series by Balance Associates Architects and their new Urban Series by Skylab Architecture.

Method Homes' Cabin Series features two cabin lines; The Method Cabin and The Balance S-M-L Cabins. Both lines are designed by Balance Associates Architects. The Method Cabin is available in multiple configurations and layouts, including three readily available models; Model 1 (1811 sq ft), Model 2 (1234 sq ft) and Model 3 (1471 sq ft). The Balance Line plans for three standard models (S,M,L) at 400, 600 and 820 sq ft.

Method Homes The Method Cabin

The Method Cabin Basic Details (Models 1/2/3) :

* basic "kit" price: (1/2/3) : $271,650/ $185,100/ $220,500
* sq ft: (1/2/3) : 1811 / 1234 / 1471
* kit price/sq ft: $150 - $250 (all models)
* bedrooms: (1/2/3) : 3 / 1-2 / 2
* baths: (1/2/3) : 2 / 1 / 1.75
* garage: yes (all models)
* decks: yes (all models)

Method Homes The Method Cabin

Base Price Includes:

* all framing / roof / exterior cladding and trim
* windows / sliding glass doors / doors / decking
* interior walls / flooring / trim
* pluming and electrical fixtures
* appliances not included
* foundation, site work, and transportation not included.

Method Homes The Method Cabin

Method Homes
* Method Homes
* 2711 E Madison St, Suite 311
* Seattle, WA 98112
* 206.789.5553 Tel
* Email:
* Web site:

Method Homes The Method Cabin
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Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Prefab Gets a Makeover

Short Description: A Rocio Romero prefab with wood siding. A modern movement is creating efficient designs that rely on natural light, ventilation and landscaping. By David A. Keeps, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer March 13, 2008.

Content Inside: ALLISON ARIEFF wrote the book "Prefab" in 2002, chronicling the history of prefabricated houses and mapping the possible future of environmentally responsible modular home design and fabrication. Here, Arieff shares her opinions about the contemporary design movement she dubs "modern prefab": Kit houses have been around since Sears Roebuck started selling them 100 years ago, and the Eames House in Pacific Palisades was built from off-the-shelf materials. Why has prefab become popular again?

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The Prefab Gets a Makeover:
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Introducing TREND by Jeriko House

Introducing TREND by Jeriko House

Short Description: Introducing TREND by Jeriko House Precise German Engineering combined with superior East Asian craftsmanship make Jeriko House the hottest new offering in prefab. As you arrive at TREND, the unique and minimal lines draw you in for a closer look. You are immediately invited to indulge in the purity of the material combination of aluminum, glass, wood and stone.

Content Inside: Guest bath The guest bathroom invites you to feel the unique texture of lava stone on your feet. A solid carved black granite counter rests on the wood vanity that continues to wrap the outside shell of the bath tub. The rich texture continues across the walls with strips of andesite stone from Tulung Agung. Living Room The living room invites you to experience an exquisite and truly unique 8x10 foot wall surface adorned with a coconut shell weave, created directly from the Balinese coconut shell, polished to a magical glow.

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Introducing TREND by Jeriko House:
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Handbook of Prefabricated Home Construction Systems

Short Description: This handbook of Prefabricated Home Construction Systems illustrates the variety of systems that exist, but should not be considered a complete list.

Content Inside: Introduction Prefabricated components have been used in house and apartment construction for many years. Once these com- ponents have been delivered to the building site, however, they are often assembled in a relatively unsophisticated manner. Construction couldbemadefaster, simpler and less expen- sive ifprefabricated components were designed and used as part of an overall construction system.

A number of these systems are in use already, or will soon be available. To better evaluate the potential for prefabricated home construction systems, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) developed a handbook describing the major types of systems available from around the world.

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Handbook of Prefabricated Home Construction Systems:
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Prefab The New Green ! New Home Project Checklist

Short Description: A green home is an earth and people-friendly home, protecting the health of your family and the environment. It's a more comfortable, durable, higher quality home. It's easier and more economical to live in because it's low- maintenance and energy and water efficient.

Content Inside: The Right Sight: A well located site with smart home placement, utilities, and landscaping are important to help make your home comfortable, affordable and attractive. Green Site Improvement Options: Discuss and Budget for —Green“ site improvements early in the project. Home Orientation: Comfort and economy are possible when a house is designed for its site and climate.

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Prefab The New Green ! New Home Project Checklist
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Prefab Options Panelized Vs Modular Homes

Prefab Options Panelized Vs Modular Homes

Short Description: As prefab housing gains popularity, it’s important to understand the benefits and options available. In recent years, the term “prefab” has begun to take on a new meaning. By definition, prefab (prefabricated) homes are manufactured in sections in a factory and shipped to the building site for full assembly

Content Inside: Why Prefab? It’s not a new concept, but it does have a new flavor. These homes are quickly gaining popularity, and are now often becoming more complex and elaborate than the traditional “stick-built” or “site- built” homes. But just what is it about prefab that has caught the attention of homebuyers interested in high quality, custom-built homes? As a general rule, prefab design offers several significant advantages:

Higher Quality
Prefab homes have the unique advantage of being built under controlled and precise conditions, and every piece undergoes standardized inspection before leaving the factory.

Environmental Advantages
The cutting of materials in a controlled, assembly-line fashion generates much less waste than onsite construction. Prefab homes are often more energy-efficient due to tighter construction (including insulation and electrical wiring) and higher-quality materials.

Reduced Costs
While the homes themselves are not necessarily cheaper than traditionally-built homes, prefab construction reduces the amount of labor that needs to be done onsite, and the amount of wasted material— contributing to overall reduced labor and material costs.

Faster Construction
Precision components engineered to fit together easily can be assembled at the site much more quickly and smoothly than a site-built house.

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Office Mobile Design Custom Green PreFab Homes

Custom Green PreFab Homes

Short Description: Ebook on Custom Green Prefab Home by Office of Mobile Design (OMD),a Jennifer Siegal company,is dedicated to the design and construction of responsible, sustainable,beautiful homes. With 30 years of combined experience in the field,we are the leading experts in green Prefab design...

Content Inside: OMD Services and Costs • OMD is a full service design firm. We handle local code research,custom design,local and state permitting, observation of construction foundation and installation. Our fee is 15% of the construction costs. • OMD Prefab home costs range from $230-280 per sq ft (based on recent home costs). • OMD Prefab home costs include:building construction, concrete foundation,installation,local transportation, structural engineering,Title 24,and state permitting.

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Download Office Mobile Design Custom Green PreFab Homes
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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Enovo Modular Green Homes

Enovo Modular Homes, a house evolutionary ecology, both by its architectural design and materials used in its manufacture, as the home automation system revolutionary interior.

Enovo The name comes from the Cheyenne language and means "your home": a tribute to the profound respect that the Amerindian peoples vouaient to nature. More than ever, architects, developers and contractors are aware of current environmental issues and a return to nature itself is.

Enovo Modular Homes designed by a team of Canadian architects which includes IME Habitat president Karl Mongrain and Pierre Leclerc, offer a variety of configurations that optimize available space and feature evolutional capacity. Self-sustaining vegetation carpets the roof, providing natural insulation against heat and cold.

Rainwater is collected beneath the green roof, filtered and recycled. Grey water is also collected from the kitchen, bath and laundry room. Enormous windows of high performance glass let in natural light to minimize the need for interior lighting during the day. Other green features of Enovo’s eco-friendly modular homes include solar-powered radiant heating, energy efficient appliances and a bio recognition home automation system designed by IME.

Architect homepage:
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La Reserva House in Colina, Chile by Sebastian Irarrazaval

la reserva house in colina chile

Architect: Sebastián Irarrázaval
Associate Architect: Andrea Von Chrismar
Location: La Reserva, Colina, Chile
Constructed Area: 140 m2
Project year: 2005-2006
Photographs: Carlos Eguiguren
Architect homepage:

la reserva house in colina chile

La Reserva House in Colina, Chile is a low-cost housing solution with 140 m2 constructed area designed by Sebastian Irarrazaval. This house to be sold and repeated in many places as concerned people exist. In this regard it relates to the idea of the container since it has no place.

la reserva house in colina chile

With the purpose of reducing construction time, geometry is simple and the construction system is on prefabricated basis. Its arrangement is a cross shaped where, in order to embrace the nearby landscape, public areas are placed in second level in a 4 meters high cube.

la reserva house in colina chile

This severe volume is covered with steel plates that create a double facade that gets hot and therefore increases ventilation of the space in between , refreshing the inner side of the wall

With regard to materials, the building recognizes the inherent uncertainty and inevitability of weathering as a continuation of the building process rather than as a force antagonistic to it.

la reserva house in colina chile
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Friday, 7 November 2008

WeeHouse Prefab House Design from Alchemy Architects

WeeHouse Prefab house
The weeHouse from Alchemy Architects definitely fits into the latter category — already widely-known (and one of the few prefabs actually available for purchase!), this mini mansion is a gem among the super-tiny prefab set, and relatively affordable at $125 per sf.

WeeHouse,house design
Like the Loft Cube or the Micro-compact Home, the weeHouse is a single module that can be plopped on just about any site, including a rooftop.

The basic unit is framed with steel and wood, and comes with tongue-and-groove bamboo flooring, and Ikea cabinetry, kitchens and sinks. At present, the only “green” features it boasts are its extremely compact and efficient size, and off-site construction, but the company plans to incorporate more sustainable finishes and materials in the future.

WeeHouse,house design
They also have options for “Not-so-weeHouses,” which involve stacking units, attachable porches, and modular stairwell connectors. “The Alchemy office is currently working to develop the weeHouse as a flexible line of prefabricated modules that may be adapted and changed to meet the diverse users’ needs for cabins, houses, offices, on rooftops, or in developments.”

Prices start at $125 per sf (roughly 100K for an 800 sf house)

WeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house design
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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Haus KR27 and KR 35 by PlanHaus, Vienna

Haus KR27 and KR 35 by PlanHaus

Location: Vienna, Austria
Architects: Planhaus
Total area: Haus KR27: 27 m² / Haus KR35 35 m²

This Haus Kr35 is designed by Planhaus, an architect's office based in Vienna, In Wien 14 surrounded by the Vienna Woods, a sol-house. The development of the upper zone was conducted by an outside staircase to as much space for the living to get. The house is used as a summer cottage and conceived.

Haus KR27 KR 35 PlanHaus

The small house units Haus KR27 and the larger units Haus KR35. It is the 27 m² large KR27 with sliding / folding up front that I think specifically about. KR27 is meant to serve as a sommarrum to the slightly larger KR35 and Spartan interior, completely of wood.

Haus KR27 KR 35 PlanHausHaus KR27 KR 35 PlanHaus
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iT House modern contemporary prefab house by Taalman Koch

Great modern contemporary prefab house called iT House designed by Taalman Koch Architects. Located in Pioneertown, California. This modern prefab house design, factory-made and assembled on site to control construction waste, environmental impact, labor and quality, according to the architect. “The simplicity and elegance of the design is alert to the essentials; the house creates a focused environment for maintaining harmony and deep connections with the natural world.”

Taalman Koch has accomplished this through sustainable building practices and materials, and through the emphasis on indoor/outdoor spaces. The single-storey design is enclosed in glass walls and features an open-concept interior with rustic, raw woods and simple design elements. This eco-friendly house is heated, cooled and powered using passive methods – cross-ventilation, radiant floor heating, solar and thermal panels and energy-efficient appliances.

The itHouse is a design system developed by Taalman Koch that utilizes a series of components prefabricated off-site in order to better control the construction waste, labor, and quality of the finished product. Conceived as a small house with glass walls and open floor plan, the itHouse maximizes the relationship of the occupant to the surrounding landscape while minimizing the impact to delicate site conditions.

Energy efficiency is achieved in the itHouse through passive heating and cooling, utilizing site orientation and cross ventilation, radiant floor heating, hi-efficacy appliances & equipment and the use of solar photovoltaic & thermal panels.

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Modular Prefab Pod House by Prebuilt

Modular Prefab Pod House by Prebuilt

This is the Prefab Pod House designed by an australian architecture company specializing in prefabricated houses and holiday homes Prebuilt. You can add unique bedroom pods or units to this modular prefab home, which is great for families who require separate living zones or who seek a multi-family holiday home with both private and shared sectors.

Modular Prefab Pod House by Prebuilt

The prefabricated Pod home is centered around a large open plan living and dining area with a large kitchen and island bench.

It comes as a three bed or two bed and study and includes a completely separate master bed retreat. It includes two bathrooms, large sliding glass doors to the living, master and 2nd bedroom and sweeping eaves for sun and weather protection.

Modular Prefab Pod House by PrebuiltModular Prefab Pod House by Prebuilt
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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Prefabricated Custom Home in Aspen by FlatPak

Flatpak is designed and created by Charlie Lazor, a founding partner of Blue Dot furniture to bring better space to more people such as this beautiful prefab custom home in Aspen, Colorado. The FlatPak system is a menu of components for living. The walls, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchen, and build-ins make a complete house. FlatPak is a system of pre fabricated componenets designed to yield unique solutions to your unique needs and site. Your FlatPak is the sum of the decisions you make with your Flatpak designer.

Every site is different and we all have different needs and dreams. Difference is why FlatPak is configurable. A clear glass wall can just let the light in. A big kitchen, a cozy library, two small baths or maybe seven. An art studio, a work space, maybe even a garage

FlatPak is a pre-engineered modular home design system. Using concrete, glass, metal or wood modular "menu" components, the FlatPak system allows home builders to create a wide variety of custom layout designs. Each FlatPak is an unique custom design. FlatPak is builder friendly, and offers steep discounts for bulk purchases.

Basic Details:
* basic "kit" price: $119,000
* sq ft: 2,000
* kit price/sq ft: $100-110 (no site work costs)
* est. finished price/sq ft: $200 - $300 (Kit + site work)
* bedrooms: varies
* baths: varies
* garage: yes
* decks: yes

Base Price Includes:
* all windows/patio doors
* Metlspan roof
* exterior cladding
* millwork / custom kitchen cabnets
* kitchen appliances
* lighting fixtures
* plumbing fixtures
* design costs / site layout / approval drawings
* assembly

* Charlie Lazor, FlatPak
* 800 Washington Ave. N. #313
* Minneapolis, MN 55401

* 612.788.5355 Tel
* 612.788.5357 Fax

* Email:
* Web site:
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Prefabricated Modern Cabana SC 10 x 12

About Modern Cabana :
Founded in 2004 San Francisco, California, Modern Cabana is a private, family-owned business that provides its clients with small pre-fabricated buildings of the highest quality, value, and design integrity. Modern Cabana provides pre-fabricated small buildings designed as "accessory structures" providing additional, multi-use space (studio, office, craft room, shed, etc.). The SC models are Modern Cabana's "standard" models and feature high quality components including; cedar and redwood exterior finishes.

Their prefab cabins come pre-assembled and can be deployed in a matter of days without permits or slab foundations in most areas. These prefab cabanas are also modular so you can connect multiple units for an expanded floor plan.

Casper Mork-Ulnes:
Founder and director of design
Casper Mork-Ulnes, an award winning designer is the creative director of Modern Cabana. Norwegian born, he was raised in Norway, Italy and the UK. He holds a broad range of design experience and is also a Principal of MU/D ( ). Casper holds a degree in Architecture from California COllece of the Arts (CCA) and a Master in Architecture from Columbia University.

Basic Details
* basic "kit" price: $11,500
* sq ft: 120
* kit price/sq ft: $96
* est. finished price/sq ft: $100+
* bedrooms: n/a
* baths: no
* garage: no
* decks: no

Base Price Includes:
* all framing / cedar plywood & fascia / redwood battens
* four full length fixed glass windows / operable rear window
* 6' x 8' sliding glass door
* fiberboard interior walls / oriented strand board floor
* optional insulation packages up to R-13 walls & R-19 roof
* optional french door(s)
* optional operable side windows
* delivery, installation and foundation options available
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Sunday, 19 October 2008

The 7.83 HZ Prefab Home by Youmeheshe

The 7.83 HZ prefab house is a fantastic modular home concept designed by London-based architecture firm Youmeheshe, the firm of architects Simon Beames and Simon Dickens, The home is reconfigurable and low cost. The 7.83 HZ prefab house made from precut, biodynamically grown wooden panels, which are doweled together onsite rather than glued, this prefab house is designed to be delivered on just two trucks - ensuring an overall zero carbon impact.

This innovative and potentially revolutionary architecture design would make a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly prefab house available to the mass market. At an estimated budget of $170,000, the 7.83 HZ houses are to be arranged in a terrace-style on small streets or clustered in small groups, thus creating communities and allowing for economical and ecological power generation.

This prefab home is also highly adaptable. It is designed around a central core, through which service areas run and heat rises. The unique layout of this two-story/three-story, organic house can be adapted to meet the changing needs of the occupants; ceilings or walls can easily be added or taken away for a simple makeover. For example, the interior can be altered as families grow or shrink, with floors added to create new bedrooms and removed to create double-height living rooms or even a roof garden.
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