Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Enovo Modular Green Homes

Enovo Modular Homes, a house evolutionary ecology, both by its architectural design and materials used in its manufacture, as the home automation system revolutionary interior.

Enovo The name comes from the Cheyenne language and means "your home": a tribute to the profound respect that the Amerindian peoples vouaient to nature. More than ever, architects, developers and contractors are aware of current environmental issues and a return to nature itself is.

Enovo Modular Homes designed by a team of Canadian architects which includes IME Habitat president Karl Mongrain and Pierre Leclerc, offer a variety of configurations that optimize available space and feature evolutional capacity. Self-sustaining vegetation carpets the roof, providing natural insulation against heat and cold.

Rainwater is collected beneath the green roof, filtered and recycled. Grey water is also collected from the kitchen, bath and laundry room. Enormous windows of high performance glass let in natural light to minimize the need for interior lighting during the day. Other green features of Enovo’s eco-friendly modular homes include solar-powered radiant heating, energy efficient appliances and a bio recognition home automation system designed by IME.

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Martina Vlanska said...

I love the design of these modular homes. Imagine, it just look like a play house from afar. I have to check more designs.. Thanks for this.
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