Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Modern Prefabricated House by CleverHomes

About CleverHomes :

CleverHomes designs and manufactures modern prefabricated model and semi-custom homes. Using fabricated, panelized components CleverHomes offers high quality, durable and efficient homes that are easily shipped and assembled.

Cleverhomes provides systematic (or programmatic) architectural design and building services with an emphasis on using proprietary standardized, prefabricated panels and other interchangeable parts to generate a number of customizeable floorplans.

Clever Homes helps owner/builders produce their designer homes by connecting them via their desktop PCs and wireless PDAs to the company, providing services through the custom design experience, the fabrication process, and the delivery and construction of the home. This allows Clever Homes to provide houses of higher quality, lower cost and faster construction times, while all processes are managed for the homeowners by the state-of-the-art Virtual Site Manager Server system.

The advantages of the Clever Homes technologies include:

* Primary emphasis on architecture and design
* State of the art construction technologies & materials
* Clever Blitz-Built in days with professional teams
* Highest environmental sustainability
* Integrated electrical, plumbing, internet, HVAC & pest control systems
* The most energy efficient homes in America. Clever Homes are EPA Energy Star Partners
* Least labour requirements and do-it-yourself capability
* Highest safety features. Engineered for the greatest fire, seismic & wind shear resistance
* Personal On-line Manager and Web-Based Software system
* Personal Onsite Project Supervisor, connected via the Internet
* Extensive customisation capability
* Leading code & regulation compliance in all states
* Fully computerised design and development system
* Pre-configured solar & fuel cell options
* Full warranty on all parts
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Quick House, A Prefabricated kit House by Adam Kalkin

The Quik House designed by Adam Kalkin is a prefabricated kit house from recycled shipping containers. It has three bedrooms and two and one-half baths in its 2,000 square foot plan. The shell assembles within one day at your site, you will have a fully enclosed building. From start to finish, it should take no longer than three months to complete your house.

Little brief about the Adam Kalkin Quik House :

Designed by Adam Kalkin, the Quik House is a prefabricated kit house made from recycled shipping containers.The Quik House goes up fast (the shell can be erected in one day) and is typically move-in ready in three months.

The Quik House can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. ten weeks from the time of your order. During that time, we recommend that you obtain your building permits and build the foundation. From the time of your order to the day you move in should be less six months.

Quik House includes :
- 6 modified shipping containers
- all the glass necessary to enclose the Quik House
- basic plumbing and electrical
- standard plumbing fixtures
- walls ready to receive your local inspection
- Total Cost for Quick House $119,000
- Download the QUick House Brochure Here

The basic Quik House is 2,000 square feet, but we also offer 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 square foot models.

* Adam Kalkin - Founder / Architect
* Email: sonofderrida@aol.com
* Web site: architectureandhygiene.com
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Alchemy Architects | weeHouse "modules"

A little brief about the Alchemy Architects :

Founder Geoffrey Warner and team at Alchemy create prefab modular homes based on weeHouse "modules". Alchemy created the first weeHouse in 2003 and since has developed a flexible system of employing modules alone or in combination with other modules or "companions" to create a spectrum of flexible, prefabricated homes.

The first weeHouse was a small cabin. Since then, Alchemy has been doing more and more larger homes (called "Not-So Wee Houses") aimed at family living. Even though they're larger, the not-so weeHouses show respectful self-restraint. These are not McMansions.

Alchemy gives their weeHouses beautifully clean and elegant interior finishes. You can choose from some great options like bamboo flooring, gorgeous Henrybuilt kitchen cabinetry, efficient LG appliances, and even tankless water heaters.

Not so WeeHouses

Alchemy Architects
Geoffrey Warner - Architect
856 Raymond Ave South
St. Paul, MN 55114
Tel: 651.647.6650
Email: info@weehouses.com
Web site: alchemyarchitects.com
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Alchemy Architects | Efficient pre-fabricated housing

Ideas of pre-fabricated housing have seen a recent resurgence in popularity, but with the weeHouse, Alchemy Architects has created a formula that is providing some of the only successful real world results in the country. By utilizing existing building systems in new and innovative ways, Alchemy Architects focuses on creating simple and efficient pre-fabricated housing that brings modern design to the broadest possible audience. Thinking forward, they are discovering vast new potentials for prefabricated housing on a not so wee scale.

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Prefabs at Jeriko House

Little brief about Jeriko House :

Jeriko House
, founded by CEO Shawn Burst, designs and manufactures modern prefabricated, modular homes. Utilizing a modular aluminum framing system, Jeriko promises versatile, easy to assembly, state of the art "prefab 2.0" modular homes.

The site at JerikoHouse.com has a great deal of information about the company’s offerings. We recommend you take a peek if you are in the market or for or are researching about a new home.

Jeriko House has assembled an impressive team of architects, engineers and designers to carry out their mission. Goals of consumer focused, made to order, high design, environmentally friendly, high-quality housing found the Jeriko House vision. Jeriko House offers multiple models, all with easy to modify configurations and material options.

The Jeriko House is being readied by Shawn Burst, a Louisianan who wants to create an attractive, ultra strong, modern, prefab house. The construction uses an interlocking aluminum system developed by European engineers with pre-installed electrical and plumbing work. Jeriko will take care of a majority of the construction and installation of the home, neglecting any additional plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. There will be five models, with the firm able to customize the design to your needs; costs start at about $175/sq. foot.

The first home is scheduled to be build in Louisiana; a 100-unit development in Utah is also in the works.
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