Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Prefabs at Jeriko House

Little brief about Jeriko House :

Jeriko House
, founded by CEO Shawn Burst, designs and manufactures modern prefabricated, modular homes. Utilizing a modular aluminum framing system, Jeriko promises versatile, easy to assembly, state of the art "prefab 2.0" modular homes.

The site at JerikoHouse.com has a great deal of information about the company’s offerings. We recommend you take a peek if you are in the market or for or are researching about a new home.

Jeriko House has assembled an impressive team of architects, engineers and designers to carry out their mission. Goals of consumer focused, made to order, high design, environmentally friendly, high-quality housing found the Jeriko House vision. Jeriko House offers multiple models, all with easy to modify configurations and material options.

The Jeriko House is being readied by Shawn Burst, a Louisianan who wants to create an attractive, ultra strong, modern, prefab house. The construction uses an interlocking aluminum system developed by European engineers with pre-installed electrical and plumbing work. Jeriko will take care of a majority of the construction and installation of the home, neglecting any additional plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. There will be five models, with the firm able to customize the design to your needs; costs start at about $175/sq. foot.

The first home is scheduled to be build in Louisiana; a 100-unit development in Utah is also in the works.


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