Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Modern Prefabricated House by CleverHomes

About CleverHomes :

CleverHomes designs and manufactures modern prefabricated model and semi-custom homes. Using fabricated, panelized components CleverHomes offers high quality, durable and efficient homes that are easily shipped and assembled.

Cleverhomes provides systematic (or programmatic) architectural design and building services with an emphasis on using proprietary standardized, prefabricated panels and other interchangeable parts to generate a number of customizeable floorplans.

Clever Homes helps owner/builders produce their designer homes by connecting them via their desktop PCs and wireless PDAs to the company, providing services through the custom design experience, the fabrication process, and the delivery and construction of the home. This allows Clever Homes to provide houses of higher quality, lower cost and faster construction times, while all processes are managed for the homeowners by the state-of-the-art Virtual Site Manager Server system.

The advantages of the Clever Homes technologies include:

* Primary emphasis on architecture and design
* State of the art construction technologies & materials
* Clever Blitz-Built in days with professional teams
* Highest environmental sustainability
* Integrated electrical, plumbing, internet, HVAC & pest control systems
* The most energy efficient homes in America. Clever Homes are EPA Energy Star Partners
* Least labour requirements and do-it-yourself capability
* Highest safety features. Engineered for the greatest fire, seismic & wind shear resistance
* Personal On-line Manager and Web-Based Software system
* Personal Onsite Project Supervisor, connected via the Internet
* Extensive customisation capability
* Leading code & regulation compliance in all states
* Fully computerised design and development system
* Pre-configured solar & fuel cell options
* Full warranty on all parts


Toby Long, AIA said...

check out our new digs...an overhauled website with new info, imagery, blogs, etc.


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