Saturday, 25 April 2009

Planit Modern Prefab House by Pircher Bestetti Associates

This Planit Modern Prefab House design is brought to you by Pircher, Planit is a new exciting concept that uses natural space. A modular environment of versatile and linear design realised with natural materials and modern construction technologies in order to meet any of your projects. The architectural project is the work of Studio Bestetti Associati - Milano.

Planit has been planned for your projects wherever they may be. Create your own space, the possibilities for use are infi nite. Imagine what you want to use it for, put your ideas into an harmonious and versatile form. Light and colours outside take a place in everyday life and pass on emotion and well-being. Open up your horizons. Live every day in harmony with the environment.

Planit Prefab House facade

There is a new way to live in the middle of the nature without renouncing your taste for personal design. In contact with nature the materials make a difference and every day you appreciate more the quality of your life. The living quality comes from using the best construction materials. The prefabricated modular structure is in lamellar fi r wood made exclusively with glues free of formaldehyde. The internal heating and noise insulation is fi rst class. The large windows are double glazed.

Planit Prefab House Pircher Bestetti Associates

The walls, roof and attics are fi tted with insulating layers in natural materials. The internal coverings are in gypsum fibre. The external walls are fi tted with impregnated rhomboid pine wood-boards that can be painted in various colours. The ironwork folds completely away. The fl oors in solid wood complement the elegant and luminous design, ideal for giving space to all your projects.

Planit Prefab House Entrance

Planit Prefab House interior
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Prefab Homes Design for Tropical Environments

Great homes design made from insulated shipping containers and bamboo has been developed by design and construction firm located in Costa Rica 'Bamboo Groves'


This great prefab house design developed for the tropical climate, these prefab homes are different from the designs we are accustomed to — those designed for temperate or cooler climates. Many of these prefab and shipping container homes focus on passive heating and cooling. But in warmer climates, such as Central America, construction requires a different tactic - insulating from the heat and providing lots of natural ventilation to help cool.

The designer at Bamboo Groves uses Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBUs), which are insulated shipping containers, in creating the framework of the home. Then Guadua Bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing bamboos, is harvested from nearby Costa Rican bamboo plantations and used as the structural beams for the roof. Current designs range from 100 sq meters with one ISBU up to 250 sq meter split level villas with three ISBUs. Construction should take less than 5 months and be very affordable.

Concrete is a very common and accessible building material in Central America, so it is used for countertops and other built-in pieces of furniture like benches and bed stands. Other sustainable elements could be added to these homes, such as a greywater recycling system, rainwater collection, and wind or solar systems. Green building supplies like low-VOC paints, formaldehyde-free cabinets are not easily accessible there, but as the demand for these items grow, they will surely be available soon.

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