Friday, 7 November 2008

WeeHouse Prefab House Design from Alchemy Architects

WeeHouse Prefab house
The weeHouse from Alchemy Architects definitely fits into the latter category — already widely-known (and one of the few prefabs actually available for purchase!), this mini mansion is a gem among the super-tiny prefab set, and relatively affordable at $125 per sf.

WeeHouse,house design
Like the Loft Cube or the Micro-compact Home, the weeHouse is a single module that can be plopped on just about any site, including a rooftop.

The basic unit is framed with steel and wood, and comes with tongue-and-groove bamboo flooring, and Ikea cabinetry, kitchens and sinks. At present, the only “green” features it boasts are its extremely compact and efficient size, and off-site construction, but the company plans to incorporate more sustainable finishes and materials in the future.

WeeHouse,house design
They also have options for “Not-so-weeHouses,” which involve stacking units, attachable porches, and modular stairwell connectors. “The Alchemy office is currently working to develop the weeHouse as a flexible line of prefabricated modules that may be adapted and changed to meet the diverse users’ needs for cabins, houses, offices, on rooftops, or in developments.”

Prices start at $125 per sf (roughly 100K for an 800 sf house)

WeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house designWeeHouse,house design


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