Saturday, 29 November 2008

Introducing TREND by Jeriko House

Introducing TREND by Jeriko House

Short Description: Introducing TREND by Jeriko House Precise German Engineering combined with superior East Asian craftsmanship make Jeriko House the hottest new offering in prefab. As you arrive at TREND, the unique and minimal lines draw you in for a closer look. You are immediately invited to indulge in the purity of the material combination of aluminum, glass, wood and stone.

Content Inside: Guest bath The guest bathroom invites you to feel the unique texture of lava stone on your feet. A solid carved black granite counter rests on the wood vanity that continues to wrap the outside shell of the bath tub. The rich texture continues across the walls with strips of andesite stone from Tulung Agung. Living Room The living room invites you to experience an exquisite and truly unique 8x10 foot wall surface adorned with a coconut shell weave, created directly from the Balinese coconut shell, polished to a magical glow.

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Introducing TREND by Jeriko House:
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