Sunday, 26 October 2008

Prefabricated Custom Home in Aspen by FlatPak

Flatpak is designed and created by Charlie Lazor, a founding partner of Blue Dot furniture to bring better space to more people such as this beautiful prefab custom home in Aspen, Colorado. The FlatPak system is a menu of components for living. The walls, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchen, and build-ins make a complete house. FlatPak is a system of pre fabricated componenets designed to yield unique solutions to your unique needs and site. Your FlatPak is the sum of the decisions you make with your Flatpak designer.

Every site is different and we all have different needs and dreams. Difference is why FlatPak is configurable. A clear glass wall can just let the light in. A big kitchen, a cozy library, two small baths or maybe seven. An art studio, a work space, maybe even a garage

FlatPak is a pre-engineered modular home design system. Using concrete, glass, metal or wood modular "menu" components, the FlatPak system allows home builders to create a wide variety of custom layout designs. Each FlatPak is an unique custom design. FlatPak is builder friendly, and offers steep discounts for bulk purchases.

Basic Details:
* basic "kit" price: $119,000
* sq ft: 2,000
* kit price/sq ft: $100-110 (no site work costs)
* est. finished price/sq ft: $200 - $300 (Kit + site work)
* bedrooms: varies
* baths: varies
* garage: yes
* decks: yes

Base Price Includes:
* all windows/patio doors
* Metlspan roof
* exterior cladding
* millwork / custom kitchen cabnets
* kitchen appliances
* lighting fixtures
* plumbing fixtures
* design costs / site layout / approval drawings
* assembly

* Charlie Lazor, FlatPak
* 800 Washington Ave. N. #313
* Minneapolis, MN 55401

* 612.788.5355 Tel
* 612.788.5357 Fax

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