Sunday, 22 February 2009

ShowHouse | Portable House | Office of Mobile Design

Office of Mobile Design's Prefab ShowHouse, a development of the Portable House, exhibits the ideas of prefabrication, flexibility, portability and compact spaciousness. The Portable House by OMD offers open, compact, efficient living space with a variety of environmentally friendly finishes.

The Portable House's central kitchen/bath core divides and separates the sleeping space from the eating/living space in a compact assemblage of form and function. The steel frame structure, measuring 12 feet by 60 feet, was trucked to its site and set on a temporary foundation.

The Portable House's exterior is clad with metal siding and translucent polycarbonate panels, while its interior features a high sloping ceiling, a Boffi kitchen and bathroom, iPort sound system, flowing ventilation, radiant heat panels, and a variety of sustainable floor and wall materials.

Whether briefly situated in an urban lot, momentarily located in the open landscape, or positioned for a more lengthy stay, the Portable House accommodates a wide range of needs and functions.

About the Office of Mobile Design PortableHouse:

Office of Mobile Design (OMD), founded by principal architect Jennifer Siegal, designs prefabricated "non-permanently sited structures that move across and rest lightly upon the land." Homes originate from a line of prefabricated housing systems which allow for easy customization.

Base Price of Portable House Includes:

* Building construction and Installation
* Concrete foundation
* Transportation (limited)
* Engineering, permitting
* Durapalm and Plyboo flooring
* Wheatsheet and Kirei Board Sheeting
* Biocomposite cabinets, counters and cladding
* Non VOC paints and materials


Bradley said...


Great idea. Just wondering, how well does the Plyboo perform in this environment? Have you experienced any bowing on the boards or flooring? How have you calculated the expansion gaps for the flooring to ensure enough room for movement considering the wide range of environments possible?

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