Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Ecoms Prefab House by Japanese Architect | Riken Yamamoto’s

Economic Prefab House located in the Saga Prefacture at the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago. Designed by Riken Yamamoto, This Economic Prefab House is constructed out of aluminum panels, this diminutive 24-foot by 24-foot box demonstrates how economy in size and fabrication can lead to surplus in style and coolness.

A prototype residence for SUS Corporation, a manufacturer of aluminum precision machine parts and furniture, this home was initially an experiment to create something out of aluminum that could not be expressed with steel. The exterior is inspired by the traditional use of tatami mats in Japanese homes — each of the four sides featuring transparent, opaque, and glass-covered aluminum lattice panels.

This Ecoms Prefab House by Japanese Architects is a perfect selection for either commercial or residential use, it offers two bedrooms, a bathroom, and storage on one floor and a kitchen, dining, and work space on the other. Flexible configuration allows for the work-live and private spaces to be interchangeable, depending upon the inhabitant’s needs and preferences.


Unknown said...

This is very nice. How much is the total cost of material,shipping and assembling of something such as this? I am in Los Angeles.

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