Sunday, 22 February 2009

Container Prefab Homes HyBrid Seattle

Container Prefab Homes HyBrid Seattle

HyBrid Seattle, is a collective of seattle architects and artists 'Robert Humble and Joel Egan' leading the "cargotecture" movement - prefab housing using cargo shipping containers. a multi-disciplinary team of creative thinkers in the fields of architecture, art, landscape architecture, history and urban ecology. It's the ideal in sustainable development - there's an abundance of cargo containers, plus the homes can quickly be installed and removed.

Container Prefab Homes HyBrid Seattle

Transforming the common shipping cargo containers into houses, studios, shops and work spaces is a great idea. Cargotecture, as Joel Egan and Robert Humble call it, offers large, low-cost prefab housing solutions based on a vision of sustainability and a modular approach.

Container Prefab Homes HyBrid SeattleContainer Prefab Homes HyBrid Seattle

HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style" feature on their "Studio 320," a studio apartment made from two shipping containers. Surprisingly, the studio's interior looks quite swanky. Rocks collect rainwater, which are channeled into rain barrels for the shower, sink and toilet, and solar panels provide the studio's electricity. Team HyBrid proposed "cargotecture" for a redevelopment along the Seattle waterfront and in Portland, and have protypes for global housing and entire cargo communities.

Container Prefab Homes HyBrid SeattleContainer Prefab Homes HyBrid Seattle


Robert said...

where would i be able to put one of these houses? who would i talk to about intallation? is it legal to have a house like this everywhere?

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