Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Dwell Homes by Empyrean

The Dwell Homes by Empyrean

The dwell homes by Empyrean offer a partnership of modern designers, modern lifestyle designs, skilled craftsmen, system engineers and the highly respected Dwell Magazine.

The Dwell Homes by Empyrean

This collection of superior modern designs uses a striking combination of basic geometric shapes to achieve refreshing simplicity. Designs blend clean detailing and open spaces with abundant natural light to create an uncluttered home that defines a modern lifestyle and a relationship with the environment.

The Dwell Homes by Empyrean

"The separation of structure and skin offered by the post and beam structure allows for large expanses of glass and the potential for a true connectivity between indoors and outdoors
Maryann Thompson
Architect and homeowner

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Andrew said...

Empyrean, which in addition to the Dwell Homes manufactured Deck House and Acorn, went out of business in October 2008.

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