Friday, 13 July 2012

v100 Mod Box Homes Modern High End Prefab

Comes with endless possibility, The v100 Mod Box is a modern, high-end, prefabricated live/work space. It can easily be adapted for many different uses. Its 10’ X 10’ X 10’ highly efficient, zero maintenance design gives a deceptively spacious feel. The appliances and fixtures are state of the art chosen for their quality, comfort and low energy consumption.

All construction materials are recycled or recyclable and contain no VOCs. Finally, its esthetic portrays a refined quality that stands alone and also fits well with all of its architectural predecessors.
The prefab homes rent for the going rate of $875, which includes two 10-foot boxes that sandwich a covered deck space of eight-by-10 feet. One box has the living room and kitchen, while the other has the bedroom and bathroom.

v100 Mod Box ensures that only the latest technologies and the highest quality material will be used in the construction of our products. Our philosophy of the correct size combined with efficiency make for a sustainable way of life. Our hope is that others will follow in order to help reduce our worldwide energy usage while maintaining safety and comfort.

For Further Details about this v100 Mod Box, please visit their website here.