Friday, 6 April 2012

Option House - Modular House Design by WeberHaus

This new modular house design concept is dubbed as 'Option House', comes from German prefab firm, WeberHaus and architect Peter C. Jakob of Bauart. This modular house was driven by a modern aesthetic and energy-efficient elements, Option is a fully functional, light-filled dwelling that delivers low-impact living in just 70 square meters of elegant and understated space.
As a two-story cube, ‘Option’ offers living and dining rooms, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. All are illuminated with natural light from four generous and strategically placed windows. Awnings or terraces can be configured around the basic version or expanded layouts in L- or U- shapes. As a modular construct with a direct form, ‘Option’ can easily evolve with additional extensions.
In typical Deutsche building form, ‘Option’ has a highly developed and insulated building envelope, apparent at any window-wall junction. The combination of excellent thermal comfort, ample natural daylight, concise space and fossil-fuel free heating elements makes this prefab equally friendly to experience, economy and environment.


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