Sunday, 4 January 2009

James and Rui's Modern Prefab Home

Modern Prefab residence

Name: James and Rui
Location: Eliot, Maine
Type: Modern Prefab Home
Size: 2,000 square feet of finished living space
Years lived in: One-and-a-half

This modern lakefront prefab home design is a beautiful paradise residence of James and Rui which is designed by architect Rocio Romero. The Missouri-based designer is well known for her minimalist prefab homes, which arrive flat-packed and can go up in a few months' time. James and Rui worked with Rocio to develop a standard LV Home (Rocio's trademark design) with a custom interior that would make the most of their incredible natural surroundings. The highlight of this home is definitely the views.

Modern Prefab Home

Although the minimalist design of a prefab house is not for everyone, it works for James and Rui. Their main priority was to showcase the landscape around their home, and the spare aesthetic makes the views the focal point in this house.

Modern Prefab House

There are also some advantages to prefab building. It's greener in some ways than traditional construction: the materials come flat-packed to minimize shipping costs and emissions, many prefab homes are designed to accommodate green heating and cooling systems, and the deep walls in James and Rui's home increase energy efficiency by almost 50 percent compared to traditional homes.

Modern Prefab Home Shipment

James and Rui's Survey:

Style: Clean and simple.
Inspiration: The water front site and the use of natural light.
Favorite Element: The amount of natural light.
biggest Challenge: The site and access to it.
what Friends Say: I love it or not my style but the connection to the outside and the amount of natural light is great!
proudest DIY: The tile floor.
biggest Indulgence: Full height doors and frames.
Dream Source: Rocio Romero
Resources: IKEA...

Modern Prefab Home Plan
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The Prefab Dog House

The Prefab Dog House1

Prefab and modular construction methods aren’t just for people anymore. It available for your lovely pet too, thank to Jason Valalik, which is a certified usability engineer who has worked with companies like Nike. He does a lot things with product development and design research, but recently, Jason took a shot at designing a prefab dog house.

The Prefab Dog House2

There are three concept for the prefab dog house, The first has a platform on the bottom of the dog house. The second has the platform cut-out in the front for the insertion of an outdoor dog bed. The Third has the platform removed and is a more simple version. The exterior is made from IPE hardwood and painted cement board.

The Prefab Dog House

Modern Dog House Assembly Guide from Jason V on Vimeo.
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