Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Prefab Dog House

The Prefab Dog House1

Prefab and modular construction methods aren’t just for people anymore. It available for your lovely pet too, thank to Jason Valalik, which is a certified usability engineer who has worked with companies like Nike. He does a lot things with product development and design research, but recently, Jason took a shot at designing a prefab dog house.

The Prefab Dog House2

There are three concept for the prefab dog house, The first has a platform on the bottom of the dog house. The second has the platform cut-out in the front for the insertion of an outdoor dog bed. The Third has the platform removed and is a more simple version. The exterior is made from IPE hardwood and painted cement board.

The Prefab Dog House

Modern Dog House Assembly Guide from Jason V on Vimeo.


none said...

Fabulous design and I enjoyed your presentation. This house would probably hold up to Midwestern snow storms but I'd add a flexible door that could be easily removed in milder weather and put the roof on hinges so it could be propped up for cleaning. The house would also need to be shaded in the summer because that corrugated aluminum roof would get super hot in direct sun.

Thanks for sharing. This is one of the nicest dog house designs I've seen.

aldrin james said...

That is the most amazing dog house I ever saw. It looks so great. I can see that it is a strong house and the roof can really support a big dog. I think I should make one for my dogs.

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