Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Prefab: Adaptable, Modular, Dismountable, Light, Mobile Architecture

Prefab: Adaptable, Modular, Dismountable, Light, Mobile Architecture

Product Details:

More and more architects (as well as their clients) are becoming aware of the benefits of prefabricated architecture. Here is a first-ever look at the light, modular, dismantlable, transportable, mobile, adaptable, self-supporting, and recyclable projects that make life easier for 21st-century nomads! Featuring over 25 extraordinary projects designed by progressive architects, PreFab takes a look at an assortment of intriguing prefabricated buildings whose functions range from single-family houses and guest pavilions to offices and bars.

Filled with 300 full-color examples and 50 architectural plans by the designers themselves, PreFab will prove to become the definitive reference for architects, contractors, homeowners, and anyone else interested in creating a prefabricated structure.



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