Thursday, 28 August 2008

PieceHomes by Jonathan Davis, Architect

pieceHomes premiered at Dwell on Design last month with seven modern prefab designs that take full green advantage of factory-built construction. Created by LA-based Davis Studio Architecture + Design, pieceHomes hold the promise of thoughtful integration of materials, technologies, and site considerations with both custom and standardized modular architecture at affordable prices.

About Piece Homes:

PieceHomes offers a series of green, modern, smartly-designed homes created by Davis Studio Architecture + Design. Partnering with off-site high qualty builders, these modern beauties should prove to be high quality, environmentally friendly and easy to create and own.


Basic Details
* basic "kit" price: TBA
* sq ft: 680
* kit price/sq ft: TBA
* est. finished price/sq ft:TBA
* bedrooms: 1
* baths: 1
* garage: no
* deck: yes


* Solar panel covered entry
* fireplace

* Davis Studio Architecture + Design
* Jonathan Davis, Architect

* 13105 Venice Blvd
* Los Angeles, CA 90066

* 310.572.6055 Tel
* Email:
* Web site: